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The regulation on the use of radioactive objects was carried out since 1968 when Parliament passed the Radioactive Objects Act 1968. Given the rapid development of atomic energy activities in Malaysia and requires more effective regulation, in April 1984 the Parliament passed the Atomic Energy Licensing Act (Act 304).

In accordance with the requirements of Section 3, Act 304, the Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB) was established under the Prime Minister’s Department on 1 February 1985. AELB acts as an enforcement body on Act 304 and subsidiary legislation made under the act. Beginning October 27, 1990, AELB was placed under the MINISTRY OF SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION. AELB comprises five members appointed by the minister. These members are all qualified in the field of science and technology related to atomic energy.


To ensure all Atomic Energy Activities are Safe, Secured and Safeguarded (3S’s) for protecting the Public, Workers and Environment.


To regulate the use of atomic energy for nation’s wealth and well being.


An effective regulatory body for Safety, Security and Safeguards in atomic energy activities.

Quality Policy

We are committed:
To provide quality service license applications and enforcement of Act 304 to meet customer needs and satisfaction; and Adhere to the requirements of the Quality System through continuous improvement without disregarding the provisions of the Act 304 “

Quality Objective

To reach the Quality Policy, AELB will :
Processing license applications not exceeding the period specified in the Client’s Charter.
Conduct inspection at the premises of the licensee at least once during the validity period of the license.
Provide feedback on customer complaints within three (3) working days.
Plan and conduct training at least seven days a year or twice a year per staff.

The management will also determine that these quality policies and objectives are understood by every AELB staff.


AELB functions as set forth in Act 304 are as follows:
To advise the Minister and the Government of Malaysia on matters relating to the Atomic Energy Licensing Act 1984 and the progress of its development particularly on the implications of the development for Malaysia;
Controlling and monitoring the activity of atomic energy and the matters incidental thereto;
To establish, maintain and develop scientific cooperation with any body, institution or other organization relating to nuclear matters or atomic energy as the Board deems fit for the purposes of the Atomic Energy Licensing Act 1984;
Where so directed by the Government of Malaysia, to implement or provide for the execution of obligations arising out of agreements, conventions or treaties relating to nuclear or atomic matters of which Malaysia is a party if the treaty, convention or treaty is connected with the purpose – the Atomic Energy Licensing Act 1984; and
To do other matters arising or arising out of the functions of this Board under the Atomic Energy Licensing Act 1984 which is not contrary to the meaning of the Act, whether directed or not directed by the Minister.